Arena Groomer 8ft Mini Model

Arena Groomer 8ft Mini Model

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2 bars with 21 MINI “S-tines” with reversible & replaceable mini chisel points

Tractor Requirements:

30-40 Horsepower (HP)

Tire width no greater than 90


Part No: 530500

Model No: AG821M

Model Type: 8 ft. – MINI

Overall W x L x H (in.): 96 x 52 x 30

Weight (lbs.): 395

Shipping Weight (lbs.): 460

Max Wheel Width (in.): 90

Suggested Horsepower (HP): 30-40

Rows of S-tines: 2 (mini)

Number of S-tines: 21

Assembly Required: Yes (minor)

Warranty: Yes (Limited 1-Year)

FOB within Canada, this item does not ship to the United States