Arena Groomer 8ft PRO

Arena Groomer 8ft PRO

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The Parma® Arena Groomer® has 3 simple steps to preparing your arena for excellent use.

The s-tines unearth and plow the soil or arena material. The curvature of the s-tine allows for minimal top pressure as the s-tine works the arena – breaking or ripping up the arena material.

The adjustable smoothing bar levels all valleys or mounds created by the s-tines ripping through the material. It simply knocks down the high spots and fills in the low ones.
Last is the roller. Its function is to give the arena a smooth finish. It breaks apart clods and other large material while leaving a semi-compacted and “fluffed” surface. It is also adjustable for preferences in compaction in the arena.

Part No: 530445
Model No: AG PRO
Model Type: 8 ft. – PROFESSIONAL
Overall W x L x H (in.): 98 x 90 x 50
Weight (lbs.): 1,500
Shipping Weight (lbs.): 1,600
Max Wheel Width (in.): 90
Suggested Horsepower (HP): 50-70
Rows of S-tines: 4 (2 of heavy duty s-tines; 2 of coil tines)
Number of S-tines: 17 HD s-tines; 10 coil tines, 7/16″ dia
Assembly Required: No
Warranty: Yes (Limited 1-Year)

FOB within Canada, this item does not ship to the United States