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When should AFX be used?

AFX is designed to be used every day the horse is worked or trailered.  Use it on Hunters, Show Jumpers, Barrel, Reining, Pleasure, Halter, Dressage, Three Day Event, Endurance, Standardbred and Thoroughbred racing, School Horses,  Sale Horses, and those going on out on trail rides. Anytime the horse will be exposed to a situation where acid splash and stomach irritation is possible, it the time to use AFX.   The old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,  certainly applies when it comes to protecting your horses stomach - and his ability to perform!


Dosage Instructions

Start by giving 60 cc orally for several days so you get familiar with  your horses' response.  Then  decrease the dose slowly each day until you find  the dose that is ineffective, then increase the dose again until you find the effective dose for that  particular horse.

Daily: 30 to 60 CC  daily 15 to 20 minutes before work
Race day: 60cc and 20 grams of EQUINE CHOICE probiotic  paste  and 60 cc of AFX  3 hours before a race .  If possible  give another 30 cc of AFX as close to race as possible.

Show horses:
Daily: 30 – 60cc of  AFX  15 to 20 minutes before  daily work 
Show day: 30 - 60cc of AFX and 20 grams of  EQUINE CHOICE probiotic paste 3 hours before  performance ( Helps stabilize the hind gut  PH)   (Leave on high quality Hay and water until 30 minutes before entering ring ) Supply  hay and water between classes  if possible.
Give  30 – 60cc  of  AFX  15 to 20 minutes before  entering show ring  or event.

15 to 20 minutes before loading: Give 30cc to 60cc of ACID FX with 20 grams of EQUINE CHOICE probiotic paste. .  Repeat every 4 hours during long trips, stopping to offer hay and water.

AFX is designed to work in conjunctions with Equine Choice Probiotics & Prebiotics. Always provide good quality roughage and water 24/7.  The goal is to be as proactive as possible  in  preventing digestive  issues.



AFX is a blend of USP Calcium carbonate and USP Magnesium Oxide (to buffer stomach acid), Soy Lecithin and L-Glutamine (to coat and help heal ulcers).