YOU StreamZ Magnetic Therapy Bands
YOU StreamZ Magnetic Therapy Bands
YOU StreamZ Magnetic Therapy Bands

YOU StreamZ Magnetic Therapy Bands

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YOU StreamZ ankle bands introduce a new technique in magnetic pain relief, developed in the UK to provide a natural response to a variety of symptoms found with humans including pain relief and improved recovery. Many users report benefits with migraines, sleep deprivation, arthritis, MS, Parkinsons, IBS and aches and pains associated with fitness and exercise. 

Each pack contains one ankle band; comfortably wrapped around either ankle and worn for a minimum of 8 hours per day (best when sleeping). Available as ‘one size fits all.’

Each YOU StreamZ ankle band contains a continuous strip of StreamZ material, creating a 360º low-frequency and non invasive energy field around the wearers ankle.


WRISTBANDS: Our latest product!

Our latest product in the range offers a 'boost' to users who wear our ankle band but are looking for 24/7 support when wearing an ankle band is not ideal. Developed to support users general wellbeing and worn as a bracelet around either wrist. 

YOU StreamZ magnetic wrist bands are available in 3 sizes (measure before you purchase)

Small - wrist circumference 17.5cm
Medium - wrist circumference 19cm
Large - wrist circumference 20.5cm

Simply stretch the non-toxic silicone bracelet over the hand and into place on the wrist, and get on with your day! (it might be a bit tough the first time)

Note; The silicone wristband is fully waterproof.